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Trying to set up RPi to mine bitcoin using Block Erupters, but nothing seems to be working correctly

Hey guys, so I'm trying to use my RPi (B+ model) to set up a rudimentary bitcoin mining rig, but nothing seems to work correctly. I've tried using cgminer on Raspbian Jessie, but cgminer seems to refuse to use the miner. Nothing shows up when I check my hash rate on Slushpool's website, the current pool I'm using. I have another microSD that I set up with minepeon, but every time I try to plug in my Block erupter (which is a dualminer Litecoin/Bitcoin miner), it keeps telling me that I don't have permissions to access the USB port that they are plugged into. I've googled various things and I keep getting closer to it actually working, but it still isn't showing any hash rate. Anyone tried something similar and had problems?
tl;dr: Using RPi B+ to mine via ASIC block erupters, both with Raspbian Jessie and cgminer, and with minepeon, neither work correctly. Help?
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Somebody pls god help me get my block erupter usb stick working

running windows 7 trying to use cgminer the following are a working string for my old GPU and the new .bat file i created to work with my block erupter that is NOT working
cgminer.exe -o -u Altoidnerd.worker1 -p RSRKwCU9 -I 8
THIS DOES NOT WORK, MAKES ME VERY SAD... cgminer.exe -o -u Altoidnerd.worker3 -p RSRKwCU7 --icarus-options 115200:1:1 --icarus-timing 3.0=100 -S //./COM3
please help me. every second not mining is hurting my heart.
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New to Block Erupters, Am I Doing This Right?

I FINALLY got back into bitcoin with some block erupters. I may not be making $$$, but it feels good to be back in the game.
I'm mining away on cgminer 3.4.2 with the eruptors connected to a 7 port Rosewill USB hub. Everything appears to be functioning properly. I'm getting around 1% in HW errors. Is that too much? Should I get a better hub?
About hubs, I'm planning on buying more block erupters as their prices decrease. What are the best hubs for the money for this situation? I've done some research, and it appears that the 10 port version of the hub I'm currently using has an adequate power supply to run 8 of them.
Should it suffice? Or should I go with one of the several $50+ hubs I've seen people recommend for this purpose?
Any info would be great.
Is the 2 weeks over yet? My first Jally order is March 19th.
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Block erupter issue

I have looked over google for some help but im obviously not looking in the correct places because I did not see what i need. Hopefully someone here can point me in the right direction. Here is whats going on. I started off with 1 asic block erupter (ASICMiner Block Erupter USB 330MH/s Sapphire Miner) and everything was going fine. i added another one to the setup and everything was still going fine. (this is all being done on USB ports that are on the back of my PC, no USB hub, yet) I then aquired an antminer (BITMAIN ANTMINER U2 2Gh/s USB Bitcoin ASIC Miner. Overclockable) and plugged it into my PC as well. I am using BFGminer 3.10.0 currently and everything was running fine. all 3 miners were mining. I went ahead and ordered a usb hub because i figured if i was going to keep adding miners that my computer would not be a good place to put them all. well a day before the hub got here, i noticed that one of the miners (the saphire one) was not mining. i looked at my device manager and only saw 2 of them. so i rebooted, messed around with some different ports but nothing made that one work. i figured it was broken for whatever reason and assumed it was because it wasnt suppose to be on my mother board. thing is, it works on another PC. so i waited for the hub to come in to see if it would work on there but it still does not. Im thinking its a driver issue since its not showing up on this computer but it will on another. Any idea or suggestion on how to get my current PC (windows 8.0) to run it? Should i try a different version of bfgminer, or maybe cgminer? im fairly new to all this so i dont really know where to go with it.
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Block Erupter Sapphire not working with CGMiner

I'm having trouble getting my Block Erupter to mine for me. I'm running Vista 32 bit (ugh) with CGMiner 3.3.0. I think I have the drivers installed and I can see my device on COM3. I'm pretty much using a shortcut with the script below:
C:\cgminer\cgminer-nogpu.exe -o [pool]:[port] -u [username].[worker] -p [password] --icarus-options 115200:1:1 --icarus-timing 3.0=100 -S //./COM3
It just opens and crashes, though. When I try to run it in a command prompt it tells me
USB init, open device failed, err -12, you need to install a WinUSB driver for - AMU device 1:1 Icarus detect (1:1) failed to initialise (incorrect device?) No devices detected! Waiting for USB hotplug devices or press q to quit
I'm using this driver.
Where am I going wrong?
/edit: Basically I'm following this guide because it's the only one I can find that offers help.
/edit edit: installed zadig and replaced the driver, and removed the -S //./COM3, and now I just get "No devices detected!" It's progress, but still not working. :(
/update 3: Switched to bfgminer and that seems to be working. Oddly enough, I'm showing 3 sets of hashes. it shows up something like 520/436/600Mh/s. I'm a little noobish yet with mining, so I'm not sure what this means. I only have one GPU and one Erupter. Why would I show 3 sets that high?
/update 4: Thanks so much for your help! I now have my Block Erupter up and running alongside my GPU. Vista administrator mode is what finally got it working for me.
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New to mining litecoin I need some help please.

I had been mining bitcoin as a hobby while block erupters were still profitable. Now I have an interest in litecoin I have seen a lot of posts about people optimizing their mining and cgminer in general. I have been using Guiminer scrypt and I feel like I am not squeezing as much performance as I could. I have no idea how to set up cgminer and it confuses me even more when I have to setup different model cards in a single rig. If you guys could help me out get the best performance it would be greatly appreciated.
What I currently own and the hash they are creating:
which is a total of 3.95mhs
In the pool I joined it seems that it translates to 1.2LTC estimated earnings per round.
[UPDATE] Separated by rigs
Thanks in advance.
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Gridseed and RPi unstable?

I've been running my Gridseed on a RasPi ever since I found out that I can't control a GS and some Bitcoin block erupters on the same device. The Block Erupters are crunching away on their own dedicated device now.
The issue now is that I'm noticing that every few days (3-5), the RPi will completely lock up and become unresponsive. A powercycle will fix the RPI and I don't have to touch the Gridseed but I am at a loss as why the RPi stops responding. The RPi is even less helpful when it comes to syslogs as there's nothing in the logs indicating a kernel panic or anything else that would explain the device's shutdown.
I've thought of everything in trying to get this stable. I've swapped SD cards, reloaded the OS (Raspbian with no X), recompiled cgminer, and even swapped out the USB power supply for a high quality USB PSU. It's identical to the Pi using the Block Erupters except cgminer versus bfgminer, even down to the same SD card model and series.
I've got a Fury coming soon and have an RPi waiting for it as well, but if the RPi can't handle a Gridseed, I'm concerned about the Fury's performance. (I'm not the only one running a Fury from a Pi, so I have to be overlooking something)
I am at a total loss here. Any suggestions? Thank you.
Edited to add:
Well it's been a week now and unfortunately the issue has gotten worse. I even went so far as to swap out the RasPi in case it was a Pi issue and still the issue persists. Does anyone know if the Gridseed uses the +5VUSB for anything more than powering the serial UART bridge in the miner? I'm thinking it may be a undercurrent issue that's causing stability issues for the Pi as the Gridseed never needs to be reset when the Pi locks up.
Another Ninja Edit:
I was successfully able to get the Gridseed up for longer than a few hours by adding a self-powered USB Hub. The miner has levelled out now and is completely stable.
If you encounter issues with your miners and you're using a RasPi, add a good self-powered USB Hub in between the USB port on your Pi and your miners.
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Mining Instructions Made Simple

© Author - Henry - 11 April 2014. All rights reserved.
If you are interested in mining crypto currencies, here are the settings for bfgminer (3.10.0), cgminer (3.7.2), cudaminer (2013-12-01), and cpuminer (2.3.2) for Windows OS. Of course, these settings are for pool mining.
Steps: • Download and Install Wallet - Bitcoin, litecoin, dogecoin, peercoin etc. on your regular PC. • Encrypt and backup Wallet - get in the habit of backing up your wallet. • Join a mining pool of your choice. • Create pool worker at your mining pool site. • Acquire or build mining machine - pay attention to specs, power supply, graphics card etc. • Download and Install mining software - bfgminer, cgminer, etc. • Configure your mining worker - See detailed configuration below. • Mine away.
It's always easier to do the configurations below in a batch file because you could then create a shortcut for them in your startup folder. However, here are both the command line entries and the batch file entries. The timeout instruction in the batch file is used to delay the program for a number of seconds. Therefore, you can vary the time to what suits you or leave it out all together. Remember to replace the personal information portion of the commands.
Cgminer configuration - Scrypt mining dogecoin with fast-pool pool (GPU mining)
cgminer --scrypt -o stratum+tcp:// -u mloverboyu.1 -p x --thread-concurrency 8192 -I 13 -g 1 -w 256 • You may vary threaded-concurrency and -I (intensity) depending on your hardware.
Batch File:
@echo off timeout /t 240 setx GPU_MAX_ALLOC_PERCENT 100 setx GPU_USE_SYNC_OBJECTS 1 cd "c:\users\harry\desktop\cgminer-3.7.2-windows" cgminer --scrypt -o stratum+tcp:// -u mloverboyu.1 -p x --thread-concurrency 8192 -I 13 -g 1 -w 256
Cpuminer configuration - Scrypt mining dogecoin with dogepool pool (CPU mining)
minerd.exe --algo=scrypt --url=stratum+tcp:// --userpass=mloverboyu.1:x --threads=8 • The number of threads equals the number of cores the processor has.
Batch File:
@echo off timeout /t 180 cd "c:\users\harry\desktop\pooler-cpuminer-2.3.3-win64" minerd.exe --algo=scrypt --url=stratum+tcp:// --userpass=mloverboyu.1:x --threads=8
Bfgminer configuration - SHA256 mining bitcoin with btcguild pool (ASIC - Block Erupters)
Using ASICS require the Download and Installation of CP210x_VCP_Windows program. This program assigns COM ports to each device. You then need to use the assigned COM ports to form part of your configuration as shown below. You may also need to edit each COM port under device management and change the bit per second rate to match 115200 through Properties - Port Settings.
bfgminer.exe -o -u mloverboyu_1 -p 123 --icarus-options 115200:1:1 --icarus-timing 3.0=100 -S erupter:\.\COM3 -S erupter:\.\COM4 -S erupter:\.\COM5 -S erupter:\.\COM6 -S erupter:\.\COM7 -S erupter:\.\COM8 -S erupter:\.\COM9 -S erupter:\.\COM11 -S erupter:\.\COM12 -S erupter:\.\COM13
Batch File:
@echo off timeout /t 300 cd "c:\users\harry\desktop\bfgminer-3.10.0-win64" bfgminer.exe -o -u mloverboyu_1 -p 123 --icarus-options 115200:1:1 --icarus-timing 3.0=100 -S erupter:\.\COM3 -S erupter:\.\COM4 -S erupter:\.\COM5 -S erupter:\.\COM6 -S erupter:\.\COM7 -S erupter:\.\COM8 -S erupter:\.\COM9 -S erupter:\.\COM11 -S erupter:\.\COM12 -S erupter:\.\COM13
Bfgminer configuration - SHA256 mining bitcoin with btcguild pool (ASIC - Antminer U1)
The specs for overclocking these devices are: 1.6G=x0781 1.8G=x0881 2.0G=x0981 2.2G=x0A81
bfgminer.exe -o -u mloverboyu_1 -p 123 --icarus-options 115200:2:2 --icarus-timing 3.0=100 -S antminer:all --set-device antminer:clock=x0981
Batch File:
@echo off timeout /t 300 cd "c:\users\harry\desktop\bfgminer-3.10.0-win64" bfgminer.exe -o -u mloverboyu_1 -p 123 --icarus-options 115200:2:2 --icarus-timing 3.0=100 -S antminer:all --set-device antminer:clock=x0981
Bfgminer configuration - SHA256 mining peercoin with ecoining pool (ASIC - Block Erupters and Antminer U1 used together)
bfgminer.exe -o stratum+tcp:// -u mloverboyu.1 -p x --icarus-options 115200:2:2 --icarus-timing 3.0=100 -S erupter:\.\COM3 -S erupter:\.\COM4 -S erupter:\.\COM5 -S erupter:\.\COM6 -S erupter:\.\COM7 -S erupter:\.\COM8 -S erupter:\.\COM9 -S erupter:\.\COM10 -S erupter:\.\COM11 -S erupter:\.\COM12 -S erupter:\.\COM13 -S antminer:all --set-device antminer:clocl=x0981
Batch File:
@echo off timeout /t 300 cd "c:\users\harry\desktop\bfgminer-3.10.0-win64" bfgminer.exe -o stratum+tcp:// -u mloverboyu.1 -p x --icarus-options 115200:2:2 --icarus-timing 3.0=100 -S erupter:\.\COM3 -S erupter:\.\COM4 -S erupter:\.\COM5 -S erupter:\.\COM6 -S erupter:\.\COM7 -S erupter:\.\COM8 -S erupter:\.\COM9 -S erupter:\.\COM10 -S erupter:\.\COM11 -S erupter:\.\COM12 -S erupter:\.\COM13 -S antminer:all --set-device antminer:clocl=x0981
Cudaminer configuration - Scrypt mining litecoin with wemineltc pool (GPU - NVIDIA)
cudaminer.exe -o stratum+tcp:// -O mloverboyu.1:x
Batch File:
@echo off timeout /t 25 cd\cudaminer64 cudaminer.exe -o stratum+tcp:// -O mloverboyu.1:x
Of course, many other choices exist but you get the picture and these simple steps are more than a basic start. No one else has done it and I'm doing it here for free. So if you wish you may donate to any one of the following addresses. Big thank you.
Bitcoin 13aGKge6HiEd3NV6iaguP79RnKK653JxC9 Dogecoin DQBgjx7sJtLbQqogsEDpTsRJCv2eFCFX9d Litecoin LcdrZdxieYykwn3xUHHAs8NFb8WkyhT8pk Namecoin N7TepHhY5vkgE5zx1ch2d7kPE1hnZfmXGM Peercoin PXRkNKSbF8vHiSkRGoFp2hhNsvjXgXkVZL
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External GPU Rig Set-Up

Hey all, I've been in the BitCoin mining scene since September and since then I have bought 1 ASIC Block Erupter(for fun) and have been mining alt-coins with my CPU.
I saw a few mining rigs over at /dogemining and thought that I really need to get some sort of GPU. ATI or NVidia. But my question here is, how do I get started. I know how to get a miner running using cgminer or bfgminer, but I have no idea how to get a external GPU "rig" set up. I understand that I need power and a way to connect it to my laptop and I need help with what to get and how to set it up correctly as to not make it explode.
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Help to configure ASIC Miner Block Erupter and raspberry pi
Can someone help me with this.
I'm trying to configure my raspberry pi and ASIC Miner BLock Erupter to mine.
I'm using cgminer 4.5.0, but the HW (error) just keep increasing and WU don't go up..
I used the adafruit tutoral ->
What can i do?
i'm testing the Block erupter on my pc and it works fine. The different thing have done was installing on windows the silicon labs drivers.
I will try to install the drivers on raspberry as well and see if it works.
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ASICMiner Block Erupter Cube - Legacy Bitcoin Miner - YouTube How To Setup An Asic Block Erupter For BFGMiner - YouTube ASICMiner Block Erupter Mining Bitcoin with BFGMiner and a ASICMiner USB Block Erupter Asic Miner Block Erupter (USB)

Hallo Sven hab gerade hier die Seite gefunden,da ich seid einiger Zeit mit dem Mining beschäftige sind deine Erklärungen hilfreich.was kann mann alles anschließen an den Raspberry.ich habe zwei ASIC MINER Block Erupter Blade 13GH/s,und zwei ZTEX je 800Mhz.ich hab noch nicht viel Ahnung von der Materie.Mit den ZTEX würde ich gerne LTC minen bei ltcrabbit.naja etwas viele fragen. Following this installation guide I was able to get my USB Block Erupters running under Windows 8. This also works for Windows 7. The screenshots below are from my Windows 8 operating system thus your gui may appear slightly different when BitCoin Mining. Here’s is how I am Bitcoin Mining on Windows 8, using CGMiner 3.1.1. block mining (eg p2pool) but much lower and the device will start creating: duplicate shares. A value of 'd' means cgminer will calculate it for you based on the frequency: and is highly recommended. Sample settings for valid different frequencies (last 3 values) for 110nm AVAs: 34:375:110 * 36:350:110 * 43:300:110: 45:282:110 (default) 50:256:110 It is also a block erupter gift for getting people knowing about Bitcoin and Bitcoin mining. I’ve searched google for block erupter things but there were mixed responses that’s why I asked this question here. When your order is fulfilled you could pay and ask for refund anytime before the tracking number is block erupter trackable on internet. Also saw many many people using the USBs but ... ASICMINER Block Erupter 336MH/s - ASIC USB Bitcoin Miner - Kostenloser Versand ab 29€. Jetzt bei bestellen!

[index] [39902] [32032] [45143] [46993] [11974] [23769] [19929] [5951] [34240] [15032]

ASICMiner Block Erupter Cube - Legacy Bitcoin Miner - YouTube

A quick run down on Friedcats ASICMiner Block Erupter Cube that I am selling on ebay. Its brand new, never used or mined with. Your NEW ASICMiner Block Erupt... In this video I go over how to setup a Block Erupter for Bitcoin mining. Don't forget to support me on Patreon: Video by Dungeon Studios Prototyping: https:/... So again I hope this video can help you all to start with you're mining and again if you have any questions or problems just leave a comment below and I will... How to Bitcoin: ASIC Block Erupter - Duration: 10:22. Brian Klug 72,295 views. 10:22. How to Set Up a Bitcoin Mining Rig w/ BITMAIN ANTMINER U2 & CGMiner - Duration: 16:19. ... cgminer-3.1.1 cgminer-nogpu.exe -o pool -u user -p pass --icarus-options 115200:1:1 --icarus-timing 3.0=100 -S \\.\COM3 -S \\.\COM4 -S \\.\COM5